Feb 24th 2018


@ Obst

1801 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Saturday, February 24th, from 7PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, March 31st

Obst is pleased to present the work of Hermann Gabler, Mitchell Thar, and Hermann Gabler; artists working primarily in Amsterdam and Berlin.

We have here an exhibition space called ‘Obst’ and the work of three different artists. The name of two of the artists is Hermann Gabler and the third artist is Mitchell Thar, or one is Mitchell Thar and the other is Hermann Gabler and the third one is Hermann Gabler. What is the relationship between Hermann Gabler, Mitchell Thar, Obst and Hermann Gabler? It seems that the odd one in this row of names is ‘Obst’ because it is not an artist. But being the name of a space for showing art, it might give an indication of how the other elements of this row are related. If we stay on the level of names and form a metaphorical row: ‘banana, apple, fruit, banana’, then ‘fruit’ would be the odd element. ‘Fruit’ is actually not part of the row of different fruit, but the element against which the other elements define themselves. On the level of artists, it would be the art world/exhibition space against which artists define themselves. (‘Obst’ is the German name for ‘Fruit’). Since modern artists cannot be compared, the difference between them is at the same time constitutive of what they have in common. And this is what the exhibition space ‘Obst’ stands for and what the show called ‘OBST’ addresses. ‘OBST’ does not constitute a homogeneous space but is itself a disturbing element which makes the other elements possible.

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