Feb 4th 2018

How To Take Care with Trans Boxing Collective


1345 W 19th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Sunday, February 4th, from 1PM - 4PM

On view through Saturday, March 3rd

How To Take Care by Luan Joy Sherman and Nola Hanson

Performance // Sunday, February 4th

How To Take Care is a collaborative work by Luan Joy Sherman and Nola Hanson of Trans Boxing Collective. This performance explores methods for DIY self-care, how we “make do”, and the process of transforming trauma into strength and endurance. “Binding” is a form of chest compression practiced by trans people who experience dysphoria in regards to their chest. Safe binding methods do exist, but without access to a community or financial resources, many trans individuals “make do” with ACE bandages for long periods of time, despite discomfort and the risk of broken ribs and tissue damage. How To Take Care is about our collective practice of adapting, inventing, and adjusting survival methods. Often, what we do to survive and what we do to take care of ourselves, are not the same thing. Survival tools are what carry us to a place where we can thrive and learn how to take care.


The Trans Boxing Collective is a project that facilitates an interdisciplinary approach to training and the sport of boxing. In addition to providing training for trans and gender non-conforming people, the collective collaborates with artists, community organizations, and activists to explore self-care, embodiment, and liberation. Through collaborative performances, the collective investigates various approaches to sport and reveals the
intersectional landscape of boxing.


Luan Joy Sherman (b. 1993), is a queer, trans male artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. He works with embroidery, photography, sculpture, performance, video, and sound, to explore gender, queer theory, and body politics. He has attended residencies at The Chautauqua School of Art (2014), Black Mountain School (2016), School of the Alternative (2017), The Mall of Found (2017), and ACRE (2017), for which he received a Brenda Greene Gender Inclusivity scholarship. In 2016, he taught a course on queer theory and intersectionality in Brooklyn, NY for the experimental education initiative, “Sunday School”. In 2017, he taught a course titled “Queering Masculinity” while serving as faculty for the School of the Alternative in Black Mountain, NC. He graduated from The Savannah College of Art and Design in 2015 with a B.F.A. in Painting and Art History.

Nola Hanson (b. 1991) is a queer, trans artist and amateur boxer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. They received their BFA in Painting and Art Criticism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2014 and will be pursuing their graduate degree this fall 2018.

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