Feb 3rd 2018

As part of the Intermissions series, Gordon Hall’s Brothers and Sisters is a new work that is both an exhibition and a performance. Hall presents a group of sculptures in the Renaissance Society’s voluminous space: a set of precisely designed objects of ambiguous purpose, each of which suggest possible uses by imagined bodies. Made of cast concrete, hand-glazed tile mosaic, poplar, colored pencil, carved brick, and dyed and folded fabric, this family of sculptures will be put to use for the audience on two evenings at dusk.

Hall imagines sculptures as dances or performances, seeking in this confusion of categories the potential for intimacy between objects and bodies. How can we reimagine the distinction between moving bodies and static objects? What happens as these terms shift: from objects being on display, to objects putting people on display, to people putting objects on display? Within this mutable arrangement, these entities try out different modes of interrelation, from brothers and sisters to other less recognizable forms of kinship.

The sculptures are on view each day from 12pm, with performances at 5:08 on Sat, Feb 3 and 5:10pm on Sat, Feb 4. Free and open to the public.

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