Feb 23rd 2018

Forgotten Clips

@ Filmfront

1740 W 18th St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Friday, February 23rd, from 8PM - 10PM

“The images worked tirelessly. Every turn of the Geneva Drive gave another one of them full exposure––1/24 of a second in the limelight. After that brief translucent moment they went back onto the scroll, waiting for the next screening. A handful more, and they wandered into the archives where they were forgotten. Patiently they waited, and indeed, one day they were pulled off the shelf again, to be digitized, painfully compressed and formatted, covered in gooey codecs that altered not only their quality, but their personality, too. The images dissolved into streams and were in circulation once more. That’s when I found them. I downloaded the streams as individual clips and dragged those into an intricate landscape of folders and sub-folders, just to drop and discard. Almost, that is. Now, it’s time to give all these clips of men on the run, climbing comedians, editing filmmakers, marching masses, improved, reversed, and doubled motion the attention they deserve.

An evening with the forgotten film clips on my harddrive and the equally forgotten histories of labor, strike, and struggle they can tell.” – Till Wittwer

Till Wittwer is an artist, writer, and researcher. He creates research-based narratives which he often presents as speculative propositions to act upon. They come in the form of essays, publications, lectures, and performances. He organizes initiatives to implement these propositions as well as platforms for critical exchange and learning. Till lives and works in Berlin.

Forgotten Clips is a presentation with digital projection expected to last about an hour.


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