Feb 27th 2018

Caryl Henry Alexander is Creative Director at Big Bang Banners.com. She conceives and directs visual arts projects with a focus on creative literacy, community collaboration, and arts-integrated academic curriculum. Her projects have been successful with multi-generational, multicultural and interfaith communities in Caryl is a certified Urban Farmer and she grows organic veggies for her family. Caryl Henry Alexander is available to facilitate both individual and group art processes. She has served as the Art Director and Advisor on social justice and community projects bringing community members together and manifesting the power of groups through art expression. She has created group murals and banners for conferences and team building events and held successful and fun social painting activities for people of all ages. She has used her art for healing and the deconstruction of all the ISMS, leading people through the art process toward individual and collective transformation.

GUEST CALL-IN (310) 982-4237

What are Creative Conversations?

The Phantom Gallery will look at how the city influences art, and how the artist transforms the city by contributing to civic dialogue and quality of life. These installations will produce “Creative Conversations” presenting artist speaking about their art.

Creative Conversations are local gatherings of engaged citizens in communities across the country and are part of a grassroots movement to elevate the profile of arts in America.

Call for papers are ongoing

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