Feb 10th 2018

Amethyst Art Show

@ Jimmy Beans Coffee

2553 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, February 10th, from 6PM - 10PM

On view through Saturday, March 10th

It’s 2018.
It’s another year that is slightly the same as before.
Your body is different. Your identities are complicated.
Your voice overshadowed by those who hold the power.
There’s no pretty way of saying this: You are alone but still somehow surrounded.
While in your uneasiness, what do you do or make?
— Jennifer Chukwu


“Amethyst” is an art exhibition at Jimmy Beans’ gallery in Logan Square, February 10th -March 10th. We aim to bring together Black, Brown, and Queer artists whose work demonstrates the complexities of being “othered”– ostracized– in predominantly white, heteronormative spaces.

We ask questions like: How are marginalized bodies able to contain and express a sense of self?
How is art used as an escape route?
How can art represent fear and love of your identities?

Please join to a celebration of uplifting our voices and talking back to the dominant discourses.

Featured Artists and Performers include:

Brittney Frantece, Jennifer Chukwu, Audra Vidal, Luikey Walden, H.R. Souffrant, Phillip Cherry IV, Michael C, Winfield, JUSTY, Norma Rios-Sierra, RL Watson, and More

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