Jan 21st 2018

Qais Assali and Giselle Mira-Diaz are inviting you to join them on Sunday January 21 to their first event of Open studio [+] series at the Overlook Place. The event [The Nakba of his Inauguration] will consist of a curated screening of video works by both artists as well as Chicago-based guest artist Jose Luis Benavides.

Following the screening there will be an open panel discussion based on the screening and elements explored in their video works which center around; displacement, borders, immigration, belonging and memories of home which result in the creation of hybrid cultures and multiple identities. Due to the current political climate the artists firmly believe that minorities, immigrants, refugees, women, individuals who are outcasted by the mainstream; it is critical to have these conversations as a form of resistance to a government that would like to see us silenced. To mark the one year Nabka (Catastrophe نكبة) of the inauguration of Donald Trump.

12pm-3pm: Starting at noon both artists would like to invite you for one-on-one sessions in their workspace to be part of their process.
3:30pm: Artists’ introduction, screenings and open panel discussion.

Qais Assali remembers as a child when he sang “I will sacrifice my blood to protect you” everyday in the morning queue at school. These words are engraved in his mind as a permanent reminder of his homeland Palestine. For his ongoing art research “Jose, Can You Sing?” Assali will be meeting with individuals whom are open to partake in a series of video portraits where participants will share their voice and sing from memory about their own home(s) and identity(ies). In order to participate please reserve a time slots by contacting the artist on facebook: Qais Assali or at: qassali@saic.edu

Giselle Mira-Diaz: Latinx Portrait Series
If you or someone you know identifies as Latinx/a/o and are interested in being part of an art project I would love to take your portrait. I am interested in meeting people and starting a conversation about what it means to identify as Latinx and ideas of building community, and exploring the concept of ‘Home’. Please contact Giselle Mira Diaz at gisellemiradiaz@gmail.com or send a direct message on Instagram @onegirlwreckingmachine if you are interested in participating.

Si tú, o alguien que tú conoces se identifica como Latinx/a/o, y están interesados en ser parte de un proyecto de arte, me encantaría escuchar de ti y que me permitas hacerte un retrato artístico. Estoy muy interesada en conocer otros Latinx/a/o’s para escuchar sus ideas y opiniones acerca de lo que significa para ellos ser “Latinx/a/o” y que podamos construir juntos una comunidad más unida, mientras a la vez exploramos el concepto de lo que significa “hogar” para nosotros. Por favor contacta Giselle Mira-Diaz a través de gisellemiradiaz@gmail.com o envía un mensaje directo por Instagram @onegirlwreckingmachine si estas interesado en participar.

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