Jan 5th 2018

“Stunning, a flawlessly executed journey
through Van Gogh’s art.”—J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader

2017, Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, UK/Poland, 95 min.
With Douglas Booth, Robert Gulaczyk, Saoirse Ronan

65,000 hand-painted frames, extrapolated from Van Gogh’s works, bring the painter’s world to life in all its pulsating, thickly colored glory. More than a technical stunt, the film is a compelling, thoroughly researched dramatization of Van Gogh’s life, concentrating on his final weeks and rendered in CITIZEN KANE-flashbacks, as a postman’s son seeks to unravel the truth about the painter’s contradictory personality and still-unexplained death. In English. DCP digital.

January 5—11
Fri., 1/5 at 2 pm;
Sat., 1/6 at 5:15 pm;
Sun., 1/7 at 3 pm;
Mon., 1/8 at 6 pm;
Tue., 1/9 at 7:45 pm;
Wed., 1/10 at 6 pm;
Thu., 1/11 at 7:45 pm

Tickets go on sale 12/22/17

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