Jan 28th 2018

Christalena Hughmanick: Falling For You, Closing Act

@ Triumph Chicago

2055 W Carmak St, Chicago, IL 60608

Opening Sunday, January 28th, from 4PM - 7PM

On view through Sunday, January 28th

Christalena Hughmanick (closing act: January 28, 4pm to 7pm)
Catherine Sullivan (on stage)
Joel Parsons (act one)
Michaela Murphy (act two)


Closing Act

. – “we start at the end.” – “when we remember, our lives speak death.”– “stop listening. Forget.”– “start over.” – “I am afraid.” – “it is because you are hopeful.” – “let’s play. For real.” – “there will be madness.” – “there will be only masks.” – “let’s bring back all we had to put away in order to keep living.” – “from loss to loss, the body falls… cadere, cadaver.” – “I dreamt of our bed. It was disassembled. The parts were laying in a storage facility among many other pieces. I couldn’t recognize it any longer. An old man was crying. He was screaming like a hungry baby.” – “it’s ludicrous, it’s ludic. – “if so, we have to play.” – “what are the rules?” – “you tell me.” – “should we ask someone?” – “then we will take all the fun away.” – “shall we obey?” – “it’s madness not to.” – “let’s break them.” – “there will be consequences.”
– “I break the rules.” – “sometimes I forget who you are, I remember only your performance.” – “it’s an image. A still image that you are walking into.” – “I establish it through you, and you’re dying.” – “I’m overflown and I am drained.” – “the traces of my fear are then revealed.” – “would it help if I’ll get organized?” – “no, you are always there, between, entering my being.” – “how should we precede?” – “I’m not sure, I don’t know where I am. My brain cannot figure out the grid. It is not a metaphor. Literally, I don’t where I am. I cannot find East.” – “retract your steps, can you reorient yourself? – “I don’t think so. I look up, the glass buildings, they are all the same.” –“think.” – “I look up and imagine them collapsing. I see the shutters and the sea. All is being washed away, back into the geological index. A hidden secret in the earth. Calmly, I’m falling.” – “when did it start?” – “the moment I arrived.” – “when was it?” – “in Christmas. His grandmother died when we started falling in love. We were falling in love, and his grandmother was dying. In the funeral home, her husband was shattered. He couldn’t even stand. A proud man broken into pieces, crying like a hungry baby.” – “I’ve never seen anything like that before. It was like watching the end of our film, when we just started learning our parts.”

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