Dec 15th 2017

Melanin Voices for Puerto Rico is a fundraiser to support families on the island impacted by Hurricane Maria and the socioeconomic conditions of the political context prevalent prior to the catastrophe. All proceeds will go toward the Maria Fund and Casa-Taller, two grassroots funds on the island providing emergency relief and creating spaces for artists, organizers, and the community to build cultural projects, grow their own food, and educate themselves and their community.

Melanin Voices is a performance collective series of poetry and live literature purposed to showcase the local, unsung voices in literature and highlight the narratives illuminated from their writings. Audiences will be taken on a poetic journey through the work of the collective. The largely scripted show, inclusive of poetry, short stories, vignettes, fiction, and non-fiction work of various Chicago artists, are weaved together to create a beautiful narrative.

This event is co-organized by A g Thing!, the #LetUsBreathe Collective, and the Chicago Boricua Resistance.

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