Dec 3rd 2017

Meg Duguid: Production of Nuclear Winter

@ The Back Room at Kim's Corner Food

1371 W Estes Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Opening Sunday, December 3rd, from 2PM - 4PM

On view through Sunday, December 3rd

For Production of Nuclear Winter, Meg Duguid will use The Back Room at Kim’s Corner Food as an extension of her studio to generate Nuclear Winter. By carefully arranging and re-arranging Thomas Kong’s collage inventory along with Duguid’s hand-cut propaganda, she will perform within a constructed winter landscape to create and document micro-installations throughout the space. The documentation from this exhibition will be used as part of the Tramp Project.

With the Tramp Project, Duguid optioned the rights to and is adapting James Agee’s script The Tramp’s New World – originally written for Charlie Chaplin’s Tramp character – into a project that addresses her interest in the congruity of performance and its documentation as an intersection for aesthetic practice. Throughout the Tramp Project, Duguid is generating a set that is a platform for a series of performances. The result of those performances will be a fully edited feature and cinema experience, a series of objects and sets, and a series of production stills, all of which can be interchanged in various exhibitions and screenings that continue to loop from performance to documentation and back to performance again. For more information, visit

Meg Duguid
Production of Nuclear Winter

October 22, 2017 – December 3, 2017
EXHIBITION CLOSING Sunday December 3, 2–4PM
Performance at 3PM

The Back Room at Kim’s Corner Food
1371 W Estes Ave, Chicago, IL 60626

Meg Duguid’s exhibition, Production of Nuclear Winter, continues through this Sunday, December 3rd.

On Wednesday November 29, Duguid will be in The Back Room from 9am–1pm, in the last of a weekly series of documentation and filming sessions for her ongoing project, The Tramp Project.

To celebrate the end of Duguid’s exhibition, please join us for a closing event this Sunday, December 3, from 2-4pm, with a performance at 3pm. See below for further details.


The Back Room at Kim’s Corner Food is an experimental project space and repository for thousands of collage and assemblage works made by artist Thomas Kong over the past decade. Housed in an adapted storage room behind the convenience store Kong manages in Rogers Park, The Back Room began as a collaboration between Kong and artist Dan Miller in 2015, with ongoing assistance from Nathan Abhalter Smith.

Since October 2015 The Back Room has invited artists and thinkers whose practices intersect with Kong’s in various ways to produce a series of public exhibitions, events and performances in the space. These projects each proceed from a horizontal engagement with Kong’s unique art practice and working context, and are intended to develop conversations around the art field’s relationship to production, visibility, history, hierarchy and value.

Visitors to The Back Room are also welcome to view work in the archive at their leisure. The room contains a fold-out table, two chairs, and a ladder for this purpose.


The Back Room at Kim’s Corner Food is open to visitors from 8am–8pm daily at 1371 W Estes Ave, Chicago, IL, 60626.

Email for an appointment, or visit Kim’s Corner Food and speak to Thomas.

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