Dec 12th 2017

Lindsay Hutchens will present “Photo Album” and Stephanie Koch will present “Constitution” as part of the Graduate Lecture Series from the Visual and Critical Studies Department at SAIC.

Tuesday, December 12, 4:15 – 5:30 pm
112 S. Michigan Ave. in MacLean 620

Lindsay Hutchens uses the family photo album as a place to posit mutually pleasurable forms of reproduction – mechanical AND biological – that exist in the family photograph. Taking up the middle space of both sentimental participant and critical observer, the collection of photographs she references are her own.

Stephanie Koch is interested in the spatial-temporal role of narrativity in nation-building. Particular focus will be given to the inscriptive movement of emotion-laden, iconic language as it relates to what she understands as a dual-process: the nation writes, the self edits.

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