Nov 18th 2017

We welcome you to join us for a recipe and storytelling exchange as an extension of the Tablecloth Archives series by artist, Shonna Pryor.

The purpose of a tablecloth is to be both decorative and functional, intended to absorb latent foodstuff as we share in hearty conversation over a hearty meal. In doing so, it archives a history of memories, experiences and the overall spirit of this universal ritual. Let us partake, as we share family recipes, good conversation and good food (complimentary). Pryor will ultimately collect the tablecloths, later to be transformed into paintings, each with its own unique documentation of this lively event.

We’ll see you there…and don’t forget to bring a recipe to share! This event is open to all, but space is limited. Please RSVP.

This engagement is created and led by Shonna Pryor, in collaboration with Threewalls.

SHONNA PRYOR’S work addresses themes specific to identity, politics and sociocultural narrative with food-related objects, concepts and theory as the vehicle. She aspires to critique, remember, represent and perhaps inspire response through the mini-narratives born within these contexts both autobiographically as well as within broader cultural frameworks.

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