Nov 9th 2017

Post 11/9 The New Now [Now]

@ Start: Gallery

1520 S Harper Ct, Chicago, IL 60615

Opening Thursday, November 9th, from 3:30PM - 6PM

In times of struggle, art functions as material imaginings of transformed realities writ large on the public world. Art provides the visual and verbal language to understand our role in conflicts, both micro and macro, and invites generative resolutions to present dangers.
The work in this yearlong collaborative exhibition is a statement of fierce hope that transcends the contrived scarcity of the current world image and moves beyond ugliness and violence towards beautiful abstractions that are reductive, political, complex, and personal.

The exhibition will include collaborative events that dynamically engage visitors as well as create unique dialogue between participating artists, writers, scientists, politicians, and organizations in order to actively nurture viable change in the social and political landscape of today’s world.
Post 11/9 The New Now [Now] offers a chance to move beyond apathy and anger into a place of articulated dreams, elegant metamorphoses, and unconventional power. This show is the result of galvanized voices who refuse to be at rest, and instead offer their art as momentum for a newly emerging present.

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