Nov 11th 2017

In Defense | Section 1. POC

@ Threewalls

2738 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Saturday, November 11th, from 10AM - 12PM

On view through Saturday, November 18th

Workshops build upon one another, and will work best with a commitment to all 3 sessions.

Artist Facilitator: Marcela Torres

In Defense is a 3-part self-defense workshop series that applies models of strength building as a restorative process with sessions focused on the specific needs of intersecting identities in the U.S. In groups, we will investigate the structures that have caused us long-term harm, acknowledge their effects on our character, and work to dismantle their strongholds on our lives.

People of Color – November 2017

Queerness – Winter 2018

Whiteness – Spring 2018

Each section has three 1 ½ hour sessions which build upon each other. Participants will build strength through:

• Learning martial arts techniques
• Somatic healing practicum
• Cultivating support network w/ other participants

Together we will assist individual mental, emotional and bodily recuperation. Members from the three intersecting workshop groups will form one larger think tank focused on experimental forms of sustainable community protest.

Section 1. POC
Being A Person of Color in the United States of America is an existence that has experienced generations of trauma with the inability to fully understand, discuss or receive forms of physical, emotional or fiscal reparation. The more we acknowledge this legacy and its effect on us, the more the historical infrastructure of white patriarchy and its capitalism undermines the truths of our experience.

Section 1 of In Defense is will become a space to work through personal anger and find new ways to fight systematic oppression as a collective group. Participants will learn boxing form, anti-choke techniques, as well as methods of relaxation catered to those present.

*Section 1 of In Defense is reserved for POC-identifying individuals to strengthen relationships across various communities and intersecting POC identities.

Threewalls presents In Defense in collaboration with Marcela Torres.

Torres attempts to repair, transform and destabilize cultural ideologies that target and oppress “the other.” Enmeshing the physicality of martial arts with bastardized political encounters to create modes of collaborative healing, Torres utilizes these strategies to set up performative situations that uncover the reality of the varied and differentially weighted interpellations we reside in.

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