Nov 17th 2017

Elias Martin, Floating World Gallery, the Japanese Arts Foundation, and Japanese Culture Center – 日本文化会館 invite you to attend the final installment of the successful seminar series where we’ll consider Sosaku Hanga from this early period of modern Japanese prints. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to examine original prints that are only seen in books or behind museum glass. The seminar is complimentary, but tickets are required.

Early to mid 20th century Japan was an exhilarating and chaotic time. Having been closed to Western influence for centuries, the 20th century brought upheaval to Japanese society. Westernization, modernism and militarism, as well as experiments with individualism and shifts in gender identity cut through traditional paradigms of community and homogeneity. Artists were able to reflect on and explore the turbulence of their times with profoundly creative and highly individualistic work. The Sosaku Hanga (creative print) movement took on this mantle of self-expression. These artists designed, carved and printed their work autonomously, abandoning the traditional collaborative process of mass-producing woodblock prints. This allowed Sosaku Hanga artists the ability to break new ground in both production techniques and express themselves in the vernacular of the new era of the individual.

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