Oct 5th 2017

Thinging Bodies

@ Gallery 400

400 S Peoria St, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Thursday, October 5th, from 6PM - 7:30PM

Join Gallery 400 for “Thinging Bodies”: a screening curated by Danny Giles on October 5 at 6PM.

Curated by Danny Giles, “Thinging Bodies” brings together video work of artists employing the body as sculpture or prodding the relationship between our bodies and the object world. Contemporary visual practice can enlighten old and new discourses of materiality, the self, and objecthood by transgressing the boundaries of our conceptions of identity, ‘thingness’ and belonging. These works trouble our perceptions and understandings of the self and of the being of objects in space and time by exploring material life, and the ways in which our bodies are defined and differentiated in the world of things, objects and commodities. This screening explores new ways of embodying objects and ‘thinging’ bodies.

Zachary Fabri, “Untitled (Failure Crossing the Einstein-Rosen Bridge)”, 1:37min
Sanaz Sohrabi, “Disposables”, 7:09 min
Mores Mcwreath , “New World of Whiteness”, 0:15 sec
Jefferson Pinder, “Afro-Cosmonaut Alien (White Noise)”, 5:48 min
Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Kera Mackenzie, “In a Perfect Fever”, 8:24 min
Cauleen Smith with Taisha Paggett and Malyk Singleton, “Lessons in Semaphore”, 4:16 min
ibid (Robert Heishman and Megan Frank), “Untitled”, 4:03 min
eliza myrie, “Ohh Manute (yellow)”, 1:00 min
Amina Ross, “Peep Show”, 1:23 min
Zachary Hutchinson, “Rumble Bumble”, 6:22 min
Christopher Meerdo, “Near Extinct Species”, 5:38 min
Sondra Perry, “IT’S IN THE GAME ‘17 or Mirror Gag for Vitrine and Projection”, 16:20 min
Total run time: 62.25 min

This event is free & open to all.
See more at: http://gallery400.uic.edu/events/thinging-bodies

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