Oct 19th 2017

How do we think, feel, and talk about abortion?

Abortion in particular and reproductive health care in general are under attack by the Trump administration—including a national 20-week abortion ban and moves to reduce or eliminate health insurance coverage for contraception. Meanwhile in Illinois earlier this month Governor Rauner signed HB 40, protecting abortion from criminalization in Illinois and extending coverage for Medicaid recipients. This topic is also highly stigmatized and politicized, leading to a dearth of information and stories at this intersection of public health, human rights, and political reporting.

For Public Newsroom #38 Jenn Stanley will be walking us through the basics of reporting on reproductive rights with a focus on abortion. Stanley is the senior staff reporter at Rewire (https://rewire.news/), a nonprofit publication dedicated to covering issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice. She is also the host and producer of Rewire’s CHOICE/LESS podcast, which tells personal stories of reproductive injustice. Listen here: https://rewire.news/tag/choiceless

This event is part of City Bureau’s #PublicNewsroom programming, a series of free, weekly workshops and discussions aimed at building trust between journalists and the communities they serve while shaping a more inclusive newsroom.

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