Oct 13th 2017

Friday, 10/13, we hold a benefit for Puerto Rico, currently reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

$12 cash donation for admission.

$7 discounted admission if you bring medical supplies or baby needs. The most needed medical supplies are asthma medication, ibuprofen, and tylenol, but bring anything along those lines. Baby needs include formula, diapers, baby food, etc.

Feel free to bring those material donations, but the cash donations are the most helpful type of donation at the moment.

We’re excited to welcome the Logan Square Neighborhood Association, who will take the stage to tell us about neighborhood’s Puerto Rican community experience with supporting family still on the island in the wake of the crisis.

Performances by:

RP Boo, the Chicago juke legend and the man who invented footwork. RP Boo makes some of the most ecstatic music to ever come out of Chicago.

Blackerface, currently taking the home town rock scene by storm. Politically charged and partying hard.

Piss Piss Piss, Moan Moan Moan, brain breaking noise music made by Alejandro Morales (of local noise rock faves Running).

Sarah Squirm, Chicago’s grossest, brightest young comedian. She runs the incredible Helltrap Nightmare.

DJing by:

SOLD, part of the crew behind Hugo Ball at Smart Bar. Keen sense of the *absolute* deepest zones.

Jacob Hopes, an up and coming house DJ with some exquisite selections.


Proceeds will be donated to the Hurricane Maria Community Recovery & Recovery Fund run by the Center for Popular Democracy to directly aid the communities hit hardest by the storm, largely low-income communities of color.

We’re working with Miguel Vasquez to donate the medical supplies and baby needs. He’s working with a group of doctors and medical professionals to ship these supples down to Tampa in Florida. From there, they will be delivered to Puerto Rico.

The organizers of this event will deliver all cash and material donation collected to these organizations within 24 hours following the event’s start time, and will be logged in the comments of this event.

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