Oct 7th 2017

A two week installation at Sustain by featured artist Lukey Walden.

“The subjects of each of these paintings are, like me, gender nonconforming transgender individuals. Beyond the basic fact that these are people who have been historically excluded from the canon of portraiture, I present these paintings to a cisgender audience as a record of moments shared between two trans people. I do so in hopes that the viewer will reflect on the kind of public intimacy that trans people are forced into every day, and that you begin to consider your own complicity in turning our privacy into a public spectacle.”

-Lukey Walden

Lukey Walden is a painter based in Chicago. They graduated from Colorado College in 2017 with a B.A. in Studio Art.

Sustain is a multi-media art gallery and consotrium in Uptown . Featuring a selection of artwork, ceramics, zines and plants. Our work is sourced directly from artists, creators and their supporters.

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