Oct 11th 2017

Kissin’ and Kiss-in

@ SITE Sharp

37 S Wabash, Chicago IL

Opening Wednesday, October 11th, from 4PM - 6PM

On view through Friday, October 27th

4:00 PM — Kiss-In (18+)

We encourage those who are curious about affectionate touch as a form of resistance to attend this event. We will model methods of consent before practicing them through kissing. Participants can kiss in whatever way they are comfortable: on the hand, on the cheek, or more intimately. Here we actively support careful touch, tenderness and communication. Participants may also choose at any time to watch, rather than participate.

This action is a sincere and hopeful attempt to evaluate the gallery’s potential as a space of resistance, of inclusion rather than exclusion. It looks to the 90s kiss-ins staged by ACT UP, an AIDS direct action advocacy group. These kiss-ins were meant to combat homophobia and subsequent apathy towards the AIDS crisis. They challenged repressive conventions by publicly affirming queer feeling and desire. Our action takes these tactics, which have been historically effective in the street, and enacts them in the space of the gallery — in the shelter we have built there. We are using these tactics in this case to build notions of empowerment through intimacy, and to fortify tools of consent. We hope that this action serves both as a way to try something new and as a way to honor history.

5:00 PM — We Won’t Get Bored Kissing Because Time Will Be a Mobius Strip

In this lecture, Morgan Green will seriously consider alternative conceptions of time as tools of resistance. She will draw from queer theory and popular media as she clumsily attempts to simulate (pedagogically) the experience of making out forever. A supplementary zine will distributed after the talk.

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