Oct 14th 2017

Cutlerlumen – Fire Starter Kit Workshop

@ The Chicago Design Museum

108 N State St, Fl 3rd, Chicago, IL 60602

Opening Saturday, October 14th, from 12PM - 7PM

On view through Wednesday, December 31st

By C.L. Lam

Until today, we have yet to find comparable alternatives to disposable cutlery sets. Besides using green materials for production, can we upcycle these cutlery sets to make them more sustainable?

Enter Cutlerlumen – the fire starter kit! Used wooden disposable cutlery sets (including fork, knife and spoon) would be collected. At the time of disposal, users can use a cutting apparatus to recycle the handles while disposing the functional parts. These recycled wooden handles would then be wrapped in a paper band. Embedded with a wick, they would be dipped into bee wax for few minutes, resulting in a natural fire starter.

Fire starter kits are commonly used in countries with high usage of wood stoves and/or fireplace. They are ideal for lighting charcoal briquettes – without the need for lighter fluid! This simple production process also makes it easy to be introduced as a community service.

No advanced booking required. Simply drop by the exhibition to participate. First-come first-served. Participants can bring home their souvenirs from this activity.

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