Oct 1st 2017

As a response to a call for action the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network will host a pre-film screening of Birth of A Nation, D.W. Griffin, 1915 as part of the CONUNDRUM FILM SERIES followed by Creative Conversation, “No Safety in Silence”, that tackles the must serious of issues today.

An admission of guilt
Silent about things that matter
Injustice living right next door
You feel no shame
Keeping quiet
Assisting all assailers
Trauma builds, not to miracles

But to tragedy
Others hone their pains
You keep yours inside and fresh
Danger is always present
But we’re all here together.
You are complicit – You are consenting
You are a defender- You nod consent
You are an enabler – You allow abuse
Terror stands on your shoulders
Silence of guilt eating intestines
While miring your heels in concrete wear
Solidarity with injustice embraced with each inhale of your journey.

Until..you speak..admit..exhale.

Trump is engaging in an assault on voting rights. We’re going to respond by going on offense at the state and local levels to expand access to the ballot and make our democracy more representative. Join us at a launch event on Sunday, October 1 as we kickoff a big new push to Let People Vote.

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