Oct 6th 2017

Carlos Matallana is a Bogotá-born, Chicago-based artist and teacher. His Manual of Violence project, an investigation into the history and narrativization of violence, has stretched several years and a dozen workshops, one game, countless classrooms, and a full-length comic book teaching manual (in progress) based on his ongoing conversations about violence with his young children.

Brea is the first fictional installment in this series: an abstract illustrated story of two canny kids grappling with a magical and terrible heaviness around them in the wake of their school’s closure.

Carlos’ original large-format illustrations will be on Build Coffee’s walls for October and November. Opening night will also serve as the release party for the book—come celebrate Carlos’ work, talk to him about the project, and buy a copy of Brea to take home.

This event is free and open to the public!

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