Sep 21st 2017


Yards by Grace Mitchell
Rachel’s Journey 4 Him by Melissa Hespelt
CULTZ by Elizabeth Cambron
better than awful (but still pretty shitty) by Christine Negus
Creak by Mary Clare Pelch
Gratitude by Ej Nussbaum
MNSTR CCK by Krister larson
Baby Shower by Cricket Arrison
Middle Child by Brock Brock
Not having any friends IRL to gameshare with just seems odd to me by Maeve Coughlin, Maddy Olsen, and Iza

Runtime Approximately 48 minutes and 12 seconds

Video! Video! Video Festival Day 2 and Video! Video! Video Festival Day 3: Grantee Showcase!

Unfortunately No Nation is not wheel chair accessible as it is on the second floor with only access through stairs.

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