Sep 17th 2017

Join Chicago Architecture Biennial on Sunday for a one-time screening of Ashish Avikunthak’s 2016 Indian feature THE KALI OF EMERGENCY.

About the Film:

During social and political turmoil what is the manifestation of divine intervention? How do the Gods and Goddess act in the volatility of the contemporary world? If they walk on earth as men and women, how they endure the chaos of modernity? Centering on the terrible and the majestic incarnations of Goddess Kali and her celestial avatars, this film is a metaphysical contemplation in times of perpetual emergencies.

Language: Bengali
Subtitles: English
Color: Color & B&W
Runtime: 79 Minutes
Country: India & Germany
Year: 2016

About the Filmmaker:

Most recently named Future Greats 2014 by Art Review, Ashish Avikunthak has been making films for the past 20 years. In its citation Art Review succinctly describes his films:

“In an artworld where an increasing number of critics are arguing that much globalised art takes the form of hollowed-out visual Esperanto, Avikunthak’s works insist on an Indian epistemology while utilising a rigorously formal visual language that is clearly aware of Western avant-garde practices such as those of Andrei Tarkovsky and Samuel Beckett. These are self-consciously difficult works that are filmed in a self-consciously beautiful way”.

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