Sep 17th 2017

An Evening with Jamal Lewis and Namir Fearce. ‘Realness With A Twist’ explores black masculinity and black male interiority through the works of both artists and their relationship to the House-Ballroom scene.

Realness with a Twist (or Twister) is an intricate category depedant upon two things: 1. one’s ability to perform and acheive a “realness” that assimilates easily into heterosexual society — to pass as a straight male; and 2. the twist: the reveal of one’s ability to vogue or reveal/exhume/illuminate a concealed/obscured femininity.

Lewis and Fearce will screen works-in-progress, followed by an interactive dialogue — more than a conversation, but an experience — on identiy, representation, and the weight of gender socialization and its impact on our potential to shapeshift and emerge into otherwise selves.

Jamal T. Lewis (b. 1990) is an emerging multidisciplinary artist, writer, and thought leader living in Bedstuy, Brooklyn, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Named by Teen Vogue as one of the “coolest queers on the internet,” Lewis is also known as ‘fatfemme’, a moniker that encapsulates life at the intersection of fat and femme identity — “spaces that people are afraid to occupy,” he-she names. A graduate of Morehouse College and The New School, Lewis produces work around the body, specifically exploring and interrogating identity formation, race, gender, sexuality, desire, beauty, and ugliness.

Lewis’s work has been featured in LA Times, New York Times, TriBeca, & Tate Modern.

Namir Fearce is an interdisciplinary and conceptual artist from the North side of Minneapolis, MN. His work seeks to map geographies and exalt the pillars of black existence/survival (queer existence) around the globe, using mythology, folklore and the language of divinity/ceremony to do so.

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