Sep 17th 2017

A series of short films from latinx filmmakers presented in collaboration with the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago.

J-Def – Genre: Documentary/5 min.
Directed by Esaú Meléndez (Chicago)
J-Def is the story of Jeff Maldonado, an artist from the Pilsen community in Chicago. He began an art program after his son was killed in a shooting in the neighborhood. This film talks about the development of his program, the J-Def Peace Project, and his
work with the area’s youth.

María Mariachi – Genre: Documentary/5 min.
Directed by Esaú Meléndez
Maria is a young Mexican-American teenager who is committed to mariachi music. In this short film, Maria tells us how mariachi music has changed her life and how hard she’s worked to make her dream of becoming a Mariachi Superstar come true.

Yvolina – Genre: Documentary/ 5 min.
Directed by Esaú Meléndez
Marcelina is a single mother and immigrant who has struggled for many years to make a living. When she begins to make and sell a unique type of tamales, her situation changes. Her business begins to grow by word of mouth until she ultimately
accomplishes her dream of opening a restaurant.

Jumping Bean – Genre: Documentary/ 4 min.
Directed by Esaú Meléndez
Eleazar Delgado, the owner of the popular Pilsen coffeehouse, Café Jumping Bean on 18th Street, discusses his journey to make his coffee shop a staple of the community and addresses how the neighborhood has changed throughout the years.

Hector Duarte – Genre: Documentary/5 min.
Directed by Esaú Meléndez
Over the past thirty-plus years, muralist Hector Duarte has created more than 50 public art works throughout Chicago, much of it exploring similar themes of identity, migration, and borders, and telling the stories of Mexican immigrants in Chicago. This short film is peek inside Duarte’s studio as he talks about his inspirations, influences, and the dominant themes in his work.

Yo no soy esa – Genre: Drama/7 min.
Directed by Diana Delgado Pineda
On an ordinary winter afternoon, a mother does laundry and her daughter puts her clothes away. What could happen while mom isn’t looking?

Alma – Genre: Dark Comedy/13 min.
Directed by Alycya Magaña
“Alma” tells the story of a particular family reunion in which distinct characters are forced to confront each other to resolve their conflicts. Will they be able to overcome their differences and become a family again?

Baptism / Bautismo – Drama/11 min.
Directed by Rigoberto Gómez-Carmona
One actor plays four characters in this story of a woman driven to the edge of insanity by her husband’s refusal to attend a family baptism. Israel, the patriarch of the family locks himself in the bathroom the day of the baptism refusing to have any part in the
ritual. Alma, his wife, tries to convince him to come out, but to no avail. This situation deeply impacts the family, causing emotional and mental turmoil for everyone.

Clave – Drama/15 min.
Directed by Carmen Corral
An undocumented amateur dancer competes for the first time in a local LA salsa dance competition to finally be seen by the girl of his dreams, the princess of salsa, but being seen comes with its consequences.

Milk – Genre: Drama/12 min.
Directed by Gabriella A. Moses
Nina, a 9 year-old Dominican American girl rejected by her peers in school because of her albinism, finds solace in the death of an albino deer in her community as she is forced to be friends with her bully.

Blast Beat – Drama/17 min.
Directed by Esteban Arango
Carly, a Colombian metalhead and a new resident to the American suburbs makes a bold leap into adulthood to save his younger brother and the future of his family when his father is arrested by immigration officers.

This short film screening is part of LATINxARTS a four-week long program at Hairpin Arts Center featuring exclusively latino/a/x artists. September 15th – October 15th features “Eye Level,” an art exhibition curated by JGV/WAR featuring installations by Andrea Peralas and Jose Resendiz, as well as free workshops, discussions, and performances. All events are free to the public – and all donations made at the door or online will go to the artists involved!

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