Sep 30th 2017

Please join us for the second installation of our past AIR, Ellery Royston’s “O sister O sister sing” along with tarot readings by Extraordinary Tarot.

Ellery Royston’s, “O sister O sister sing” is a performance-installation using neural networks trained on a corpus of English folk ballads to create a never-ending stream of words and song. The music and text on the monitor are newly generated before every presentation, and never quite the same twice. Inspired by the regional variations in songs that existed before the advent of recording, audience are invited to sing along with the piece, attempting to re-establish the tradition as participatory and flexible.

Extraordinary Tarot (Calley Nelson) works to demystify the art of tarot by reading cards in public settings. Rather than focusing on destiny, she analyzes what can be focused on in order to stay healthy, intuitive and empowered in the future. Focusing on a predicted trajectory allows us to make active steps to alter the course of our lives, and Calley tries to facilitates that reflection in an inviting way — by shuffling a pack of cards at a party and seeing what pops up.

Ellery has invited some musicians and a dancer, Braka Klein, to respond to O sister O sister sing through their own interpretations and feelings.

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