Aug 26th 2017

Please join us for an evening with artist Hernan Gomez Chavez to view work in progress “Who is my neighbor” “Quien es mi vecino” and help create a collaboration with Hernan and + gallery Chicago!

“This open studio will show an interactive public art piece that has been taken out into the streets of the Pilsen neighborhood. The piece is about the current and past changes in Pilsen. The work uses a moveable white picket fence as a platform on which people can write messages about their perspective on the changes due to gentrification. It regards the written comments by people as open-ended and legitimate regardless of position in doing so it brings various perspectives into a single work and allows for a dialogue and representation of what currently living in Pilsen means for different people. This piece is incomplete and demonstrates the types of interaction people have with the words “neighbor” and “Vecino” by asking them to respond to the prompt “who is my neighbor”/”Quien es mi vecino.” Through the support of the Pilsen Alliance, this work was able to be moved throughout this neighborhood and become a platform.for exchange with people who live in or pass through the Pilsen neighborhood”, HGC.

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