Aug 3rd 2017

$5 voluntary donation
Popcorn and refreshments available

The Starship VII SpiderBug Video program will be accompanied by The Starship Philharmonia that will create live musical scores for the video program in full costume aboard their starship. SpiderBug is a mobile short film/video festival based in Chicago organized by multi-media artist Catie Olson, with assistance from EC Brown. SpiderBug’s goal is to extend screening programs toward environments, and to incorporate other media in innovative ways.

Video Artists:
Chuck Jones
Frank Pollard
Katie Kapuza
Cara Kuball
Damon Bishop
Christopher Santiago
+ found excerpts from a variety of starship-themed videos

Liquid Light Show Artist:
Justin Howard

The Starship Philharmonia:
Sean DeSantis, Captain
Bruce Neal
Catie Olson
Chris Puente
EC Brown

Official Website

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