Aug 19th 2017

POND HOLE GALLERY presents an introductory healing experience with Selden Paterson, the founder and leader of the premiere self-help & healing system for modern cyborgs, Integrative Ontological Practices by Beta Plus Systems (IOP B+).

Modern Cyborgs of the Greater Chicago area, are you struggling to reconcile your digital self with your bodily self? Do you fear or relish the release of the next line of user responsive technology? Are you ready to question or accept your own power to systematically heal yourself though IOP B+’s proven methods? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions do not miss this very special presentation at POND HOLE!

This is a one-night advanced introductory experience that will acclimate newcomers to the principles of Tertiary Natural Consciousness and allow existing members access to higher levels of understanding and healing.

Please Join Us for an evening of audio-visual stimulation, snacks, & refreshments at the POND HOLE.
6-9PM, artist’s talk @ 8

*This is an art show at an outdoor art gallery. WiFi Access included we suggest you provide your own cell phones.

**An All-American Experience for All-American Cy-borgs

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