Jul 30th 2017

Join the Evanston Art Center for a closing reception and last chance to see Surface Tension, a travelling collaborative exhibition by Nelson Armour and Ted Glasoe.

Nelson Armour and Ted Glasoe collaborate in this traveling exhibition designed to provoke viewers into considering the hidden but profound threats to the health of Lake Michigan. Glasoe’s poignant photographs, which contemplate the lake’s power and beauty, are juxtaposed in pairs with Armour’s altered photographs, which unsettle the viewer and illustrate the lake’s fragility.
Surface Tension challenges viewers to reconcile the outward beauty of Lake Michigan with the dangers that lie beneath the surface. It also asks that we all consider how our water is being polluted and what we can do to protect our water supply.

Nelson Armour is a Chicago-area artist whose work focuses on rural and urban landscapes, environmental portraiture and photojournalism projects. Growing up near Lake Michigan, he was intrigued by the lake when he learned to sail. As an adult with a family, he settled just blocks off Lake Michigan where he renewed his interest in sailing.

Raised in a family steeped in the outdoors, he began photographing nature as a teenager and continued with workshops during and after college. Later, during family camping and backpacking trips to the mountains in western U.S. and Canada, his photography was greatly influenced by Galen Rowell’s approach to visualizing composition and light. He pursued his craft in courses and workshops and is a member of Jane Fulton Alt’s photography critique group.

Armour has exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally, and has been published in exhibition catalogs. Armour had a solo show as part of Eight Photographers, Eight Solo Shows, in Eight Chicago Neighborhoods, sponsored by the Filter Photo Festival 2012.

The work for Surface Tension arose from his photographs of Lake Michigan taken at Park Avenue Beach in Highland Park, IL. Seeking to create provocative viewer responses, he experimented with layering other images he photographed of actual point sources of pollution of the lake. Additional images reflect a collage approach. His passion for Lake Michigan and world’s water supply is integral to this work.

Ted Glasoe is a Chicago-area artist whose photographic work explores natural and urban environments, particularly Lake Michigan and Chicago’s landscape. The Minnesota native studied acting at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and moved to Chicago soon after graduation. He was immediately taken with the city’s architectural and natural beauty with its proximity to Lake Michigan. This appreciation sparked an interest in exploring the relationship between the two through and artistic lens.

Glasoe seeks out moments that illustrate the strengths and fragilities of nature and man. He prefers to shoot in the early mornings and late afternoons when there is the most vivid color, interesting light and weather and wildlife activity. The images are altered as little as possible and only to reflect what he saw through the lens.
Glasoe’s work has appeared in Chicago-area galleries and photography shows and has been recognized with various awards, including first place in the Chicago Park District “Nature in Chicago” Digital Photo Contest.

A 20-year resident of Evanston, Glasoe maintains a close connection to his community. He actively supports the Alliance for the Great Lakes, Freshwater Future and community organizations. He enjoys spending time outdoors – always with his camera bag in tow.

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