Jul 1st 2017

Please join us for our first event in our new Overlook space! “O sister O sister sing” is our May/June AIR Ellery Royston’s end of residency exhibition, featuring works by our upcoming July/August AIR, Marlo Koch, and The Overlook’s new Director of Music, Ishmael Ali! We are excited to celebrate our new space and all the hard work Ellery has been up to during her residency with you.

Ellery Royston’s, “O sister O sister sing” is a performance-installation using neural networks trained on a corpus of English folk ballads to create a never-ending stream of words and song. The music and text on the monitor are newly generated before every presentation, and never quite the same twice. Inspired by the regional variations in songs that existed before the advent of recording, audience are invited to sing along with the piece, attempting to re-establish the tradition as participatory and flexible.

Marlo Koch’s “Hush Little One” and “Dream Big Little One” are an obsession, a fetishization, a fantasy… of pregnancy. These videos begin to explore my longing to experience pregnancy and childbirth, coupled with my conflicting views on child rearing in this current capitalism, as well as the gendering of pregnancy and infants.

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