Jul 9th 2017

InLine II
In/habit roving art series
Chicago Cultural Center, 4th floor

curated by Mitsu Salmon and Rebecca Ladida.

Works by
Muyassar Kurdi
Milad Mozari and Pooyan Nassehpoor
Jessica Borusky
Precious Jenning
Nabeela Vega
Rohan Zhou Lee and Kitt Lyles

Performative curatorial statements by
Rebecca Ladida
Mitsu Salmon

Sam Chao

A line connects or separates, extends or contains. A line can be a manifestation of power, a border (who draws the line), a response (establishing boundaries between bodies and body politic). A line is a decision; a line is an object of conflict.

The Chicago Cultural Center is a historic and cultural landmark which is the city’s official reception venue where the Mayor of Chicago has welcomed Presidents and royalty, diplomats and community leaders. It is a historic and cultural landmark. Playing with and questioning the grandeur and display of power that the space represents we have invited artists who “do not cut the line” instead to investigate these lines of power, place and the body. Trasversing the 4th floor, the artists of InLine are performing these lines through different mediums. By moving a line from paper to the body, to a screen and so on, the line -the form’s meaning- layers and becomes more complicated with each reiteration. We can think of theses echoes as translation processes.

InLine is therefore about both translation and lines of power, about ‘keeping in line’, within the limits our social positions. It is about processes of identifications and disidentifications, and the languages available to us to do so. It is about the unavoidable trespassing that occurs when one expands beyond these boundaries.

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