Jul 31st 2017

Come see the videos for Freshly Painted Beige Walls BEFORE IT GOES ONLINE!

Listed below is the titles of the work and the makers in no particular order:
Fake Cloud by Crystal Heiden
CARS by Ben Kiem
Shelter for the Making by Adam Farcus
PSYCHIC SCREAM by Virginia Lee Montgomery
Fresh Paint on the Walls by Avril Corroom
Don’t Copy That Floppy by Holly Lay
Untitled by Bradley Hale
apologies by Carly Mandel
SOCK NECK by Hannah Hiaasen and Sara Sowell
exercise reel by D S Chapman

The worked was picked by a Jury consisting of Jerico Eko Domingo, Max Wirt, Wayne P. Tate Jr., April Lynn, Frida Sixta Tarin, Iza Benedetti and Sarah Martino


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