Jul 19th 2017

Comfort Film Presents The 5th Annual
Silent Films and Loud Music Series.

Digital Gnosis live score of

A Trip To The Moon (1902)
The Impossible Voyage (1904)

Along with music to Archival NASA Space Footage.

Directed by Georges Méliès
Starring: Georges Méliès
Bleuette Bernon
François Lallement
Henri Delannoy
Running time: 16mins
Media: Digital Projection

Plot: A group of astronomers go on an expedition to the Moon.

The Impossible Voyage (1904)
Directed by Georges Méliès
Based on Journey “Through the Impossible”
by Jules Verne
Starring: Georges Méliès
Fernande Albany
Jeanne d’Alcy
Running time: 20mins
Media: Digital Projection

Plot: Using every known means of transportation, several savants from the Geographic Society undertake a journey through the Alps to the Sun which finishes under the sea.

About Digital Gnosis: Dimensional Music & Media. digitalgnosis.org

Silent films and Loud music pairs unconventional bands with classic silent films.

All screenings will be out on the Comfort Station Lawn weather permitting otherwise it will be inside Comfort Station.

Programed by Raul Benitez and Nando Espinosa Herrera.

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