Jul 28th 2017

Differences in Permeability

@ Comfort Station Logan Square(lawn)

2579 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Opening Friday, July 28th, at 8PM

On view through Friday, July 28th

“Differences in Permeability (Text Divination #3)” is a reading-performance, in conjunction with Jordan Martins’ site specific installation “Stay out come in stay in come out” on the lawn of Comfort Station. Three readers situated within the installation will simultaneously read a set of related scripts, each of which scrambles various appropriated textual sources: technical descriptions of biochemical processes, first hand accounts of border crossing, observations about bird mating rituals, instructions for crowd control tactics, and dubious advice about flirtation from askmen.com.

Text composition and reading staging by Jordan Martins

Allen Moore
Tracy Montes
Rebecca Himelstein

July 28th (Friday), 8pm, Comfort Station Lawn

More about the Text Divinations series:

More about “Stay out come in stay in come out”…

“stay out come in stay in come out”(cloaking device #2) is a site specific, participatory installation. Installed on the lawn of Comfort Station in Logan Square for two months, the project consists of 6 barricade structures with a striped “dazzle” camouflage pattern based on the colors of the immediate surroundings of the Logan Square traffic circle. The patterns are designed to both attract attention and at the same time visually obfuscate the form of whatever or whomever is behind them. The barricades are constructed in a modular fashion to allow different configurations–a wall, a shelter, a fortress, a scattered cluster–with a bench built into the anterior side of each.

The barricade structure was chosen for its function as a barrier that is both firm but permeable: it marks a line between inside/outside, allowed/not-allowed, and public/private, but it functions differently according to who is implicitly or explicitly granted access to one side or the other. By making this installation re-configurable, various publics are encouraged to create their own spaces with it, or imagine how a structure that limits movement could be a space that is protective, inviting, or empowering.”

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