Jul 7th 2017

INTERGALACTIC SPACE GODDESS is a series of work bringing forth visually the truths and personal mythology revealed to Delilah by the Space Goddess herself. It has been through metaphysical studies, meditations, and many readings that Delilah has brought to life within herself and on canvas who this Goddess is.

“As I delved into metaphysical studies and found stories about la Raza Cosmica (the cosmic race), I found her hidden in our mythological past and our dream archetypes.

She is a being who came to Earth and fell in love with human kind. Upon her death she reincarnated over and over into what we now know as our many ancient goddesses. She comes back bringing gifts from the netherworld. She has many names and has been here for a long, long time. We call her Xochiquetzal, Cihuacoatl, Kali, Saravati, And many more.
She is a fearsome female warrior found through out our history.

As women, we are intuitive as well as the bringers of life. And she is the bringer of Art, Music, Love, Beauty, and Knowledge to human kind. She is different aspects of ourselves and they find you when you need them the most. When we feel a connection with these energies and built in capabilites, we are Her. And with her in us, we carry her traits of a fearsome female warrior.” – ZENA

Artist Bio:
Delilah “Zena” Salgado is a Mexican-American artist born and raised on the South West Side of Chicago. She is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, feminist, mother, wife, poet, curator and co-founder of Mujeres Mutantes Art Collective. Her art is influenced by: Graffiti, Street and Mexican Folk Art, Anime, Mythology, Tattoss and Comics. She is a resident teaching artist at The Port Ministries in the Back of the Yards community, has taught graffiti and street art at ElevArte Community Studio, and founded the first “We Are Hip Hop Festival” in the Pilsen community. Her murals and paintings consist of bold vivid colors, organic designs, and women characters who are the embodiment of spiritual nature.

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