Jul 25th 2017

Design for Good

From the Lowline underground park to an acclaimed documentary film about politics and art in post-apartheid South Africa, Openbox and it’s sister film company, Opendox, epitomize Friedman’s principle to “use your work to become an advocate for the public good”. The design studio and film company based in New York City was founded by Marquise Stillwell to drive large scale urban development and education projects and produce impact-driven stories. Marquise will be joined by Juanita Irizarry, Executive Director of Friends of the Parks and others representing policy, media, the arts, urban planning, and more to explore topics like:

– developing consensus around the meaning of “public good.”
– establishing a whole view model that promotes economic health without displacing people.
– how to effectively engage the community in development initiatives–what does that look like in practice? What is the role of education? art? commerce?
– repositioning the city as a lab for experimentation and collaboration.

ChiDM Presents is a semi-monthly event series within Dan Friedman: Radical Modernist. All events are free and open to the public, and held at the Chicago Design Museum on the 3rd floor of Block 37.

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