Jun 27th 2017

Join OPEN TV – beta for the first public preview of the second season of Two Queens in a Kitchen (#2QIK), a turn-to-relevance cooking show featuring Chicago’s queens and queers discussing family, home, politics, culture, and art while making a healthy snack. Expect to feel right at home as we close out Pride&Power, Reunion Chicago’s monthlong celebration of queer-centered programming. Bring a snack, a bottle of your favorite booze, and your Summer boo and lets Kiki down with Chicago’s most fly queers and queens on the scene!

More fabulous details TB because you now the #OpenTVCommunity doesn’t know how to do anything low-key or chill but for now, peep the list below to get your creative juices following!

Top 10 “Fail-Safe Potluck Ideas”
-Seasonal Fruit, veggies and herbs
-Hummus and Pita
-Bubbles and other sparkling refreshments
-Herbal remedies (wink, wink)
-Fresh Flowers
-Wine and/or Tequila
-Fried Chicken (Popeye’s, don’t disrespect folx w/ KFC)
-Mac&Cheese or other familial side-dish
-Snacks: Chips, Trail Mix, Popcorn, etc.
-Love, care, and a new friend

About Two Queens in a Kitchen:
TWO QUEENS IN A KITCHEN (#2QIK) is a turn-to-relevance cooking show that features a rotating cast of Chicago queens and queers from the #OpenTVCommunity. Set in a kitchen, Two Queens gather to discuss relevant topics such as family, home life, politics, culture and art – all while preparing a delightful snack. Season Two of #2QIK features Aymar Jean Christian, Kristen Kaza, Eli Micky, Cori Dave, Nathaniel Tenenbaum, Oli Rodriguez, Rashaad Hall, and Felicia Holman!

About Reunion Chicago:
REUNION is an art gallery, event space and co-working studio located in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood. Event/cultural producer Kristen Kaza and brand strategist/ cultural producer Elijah McKinnon assumed management of the space in 2016, with a mission to provide a collaborative and grounding environment for women and femme-identified individuals in creative roles.

About PRIDE&POWER: Queer Pride Month Programs & Events
Reunion Chicago, Humboldt Park’s queer, femme and POC centered coworking & event space hosts a month of programming celebrating & showcasing the city’s LGBTQ family. Taking place during Queer Pride Month with a mission to make space for community connection outside of the bar & nightlife space, programs prioritize self-care and providing platforms for LGBTQ artists, entrepreneurs & organizations. With a diverse lineup in content and style from queer comedy to queer self-care, the series aims to build inclusion & bridge understanding between folks of different identities, expressions, abilities, and generations.

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