Jun 23rd 2017

We are excited to have Marc Fischer and Peter Miles Bergman conducting readings as a part of “All of the Above” on June 23rd! Space is limited so please arrive early to get a seat. Doors will open at 6:30pm.

Marc Fisher of Public Collectors, whose practice includes making and distributing small-press art publications, will discuss recent projects. These projects include Malachi Ritscher for the Whitney Biennial, Library Excavations and his Joong Boo Residency Program.

Peter Miles Bergman will discuss self publishing and do readings from the is E​MANCIPATION, an anthology of projects from The Institute of Sociometry performance and interventionist art projects ​spanning 21 years.

Elephant Room Gallery is excited to be collaborating with Flatlands Studios June 12th through June 25th for this series of exciting happenings in the gallery entitled “All of the Above”. Eric Von Haynes of Flatlands Studios has curated printed ephemera, art objects, film, talks, workshops and performance art by various artists and art collectives from all over the world in order to transform the gallery into a community gathering space that will bring people together for a positive learning experience. The goal is to celebrate and embrace the idea of community through documentation, archiving, and activation of spaces in and through art practices.

All of the artists and collectives represented have a strong leaning towards positive outreach and information sharing through media. They all have ties to Flatlands Studios through past collaborations but never before have they all been brought together in the same space. The amazing artists and collectives involved are Thor Goodlife, KASHINK!, Mashaun Hendricks of CrimeDrought, Oscar Arriola, Fresh Pressed Chicago, Rebecca Ann Rakstad of RAR RAR PRESS, Peter Miles Bergman of is Press, Heather Link-Bergman, C​H​ema Skandal!, Alice Lam, Tom Bold, Eric Von Haynes of Flatlands, Dredske, Tim Rodenbroker, Brian Steckel of An-ism, Marc Fischer of Public Collectors and ATOM-R.

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