Jun 30th 2017

Fermin Barbosa creates surrealist environments that span from cityscapes, bird nests, sleep scenes, and candid memories. Born in Salvatierra, Mexico, Fermin immigrated to the U.S. when he was only two years old and settled in Kankakee, IL. His exhibit “Nido” is a personally informed and translated story of himself and his work.

“Nido is a series of works depicting nesting birds. These works symbolize the relationship between our modern and natural world. In more urban environments one can observe birds creating nests with found objects such as plastic, paper, and yarn. These materials can often be defined as garbage. These materials are tossed aside by human society and are deemed useless. Conversely, these garbage materials are being used by birds to sustain and nourish life. This dichotomy between what we as humans consider Garbage compared to the way animals utilize our waste fascinates me. Some birds feverishly rummage through their environments in the search of nesting materials while others reuse or repurpose variable objects, whether they be organic or inorganic. These birds are building the foundation of their homes.”

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