Jun 29th 2017

Designing for Play at Chicago Children’s Museum

Given that play is among the most powerful, beneficial and joyful facets of childhood, explore how thoughtful design is used to create and communicate meaningful play experiences at Chicago Children’s Museum.

Join us in hearing how CCM is embodying points in Friedman’s Radical Manifesto – both having a sense of humor and fantasy, and employing their work for public good. Jenny Schrider, Director of Exhibition Design, and Jon Resh, Creative Director, will discuss how CMM exhibit experiences are conceptualized and designed, and how graphic design is used to enhance the sense of play.

ChiDM Presents is a semi-monthly event series within City of Ideas: Architects’ Voices and Visions. All events are free and open to the public, and held at the Chicago Design Museum on the 3rd floor of Block 37.

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