May 28th 2017

On behalf of Alberto Aguilar, Alex Bradley Cohen, Jesse Malmed and Produce Model Gallery, I—most likely an intern—am thrilled to invite you to attend our (literal) underground comedy night.

Alberto Aguilar!
Alex Bradley Cohen!
Alejandro Jimenez Flores!
Amy Lockhart!
Chris Santiago!
Dana Bassett!
Danielle Rosen!
Edra Soto!
Erin Hayden!
Jared Larson!
Jesse Malmed!
Jessica Campbell!
Jorge Lucero!
Kate Bowen!
Matthew Goulish!
Morley Musick!
Stephanie Graham!
and more!!

Underground Comedy Night is a part of WORLDPLAY

Linguistic researchers have noted that text messaging more closely resembles speech than traditional forms of writing. Language always operates across numerous spectra, as sound, as image, as shibboleth, as communication, as the house we live in. WORLDPLAY isn’t about language, even if that may be the easiest way to talk about it. What it is is: working across wall-drawings, jokes of scale, experiments in collaboration, modeling productivity and conducting models into portraits, into sitcoms, into events.

It’s hard to imagine an exhibition that isn’t site-specific. If the works work in a vacuum, well that’s about as specific a place as we can imagine. This show isn’t in a vacuum, it’s at Produce Model Gallery, a space inaugurated a year ago by Javier Bosques and Maggie Crowley. It’s at 1007 W. 19th in Chicago. The opening is on Earth Day—4/22/16—from 7-10pm and there will be delicious food provided by the across the street neighbors.

WORLDPLAY is a collaborative exhibition starring Alberto Aguilar, Alex Bradley Cohen and Jesse Malmed in their own acts, doing cameos and occasionally writing rolling credits. All day long we leave footnotes in the ground, familial circuities like ellipses or tearing suggestions. Al, Al and Mal, outbroken bumper buddies and textual messengers leave lines on the street and on the walls for a queue of camping sneaker/theater camping chairs.

Patricia Rose will prepare an exhibition text, laundering words and images furnished by the artists. There will be intermittent programming throughout the run of the show.

Exhibition events:

Face Cooks – The artists will prepare a dinner for guests that put forth their name and are chosen by lottery – June 8, 6-9pm.

Postcard image: An arrangement of text exchanges between the artists, 2017

Official Website

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