May 5th 2017

Iris Bernblum: Peaks and Valleys

@ Aspect/Ratio

119 N Peoria St, #3D, Chicago, IL 60607

Opening Friday, May 5th, from 5PM - 8PM

On view through Friday, June 16th

“I can remember, early on, standing beside you in a friend’s cavernous fourth-floor painting studio in Williamsburg at night (she was out of town), completely naked, more construction workers outside, this time building some kind of luxury high-rise across the street, their light towers flooding the studio with orange shaft and shadow, as you asked me to say aloud what I wanted you to do to me. My whole body struggled to summon any utterable phrase. I knew you were a good animal, but felt myself to be standing before an enormous mountain, a lifetime of unwillingness to claim what I wanted, to ask for it. Now here you were, your face close to mine, waiting.”

– Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts
Aspect/Ratio is pleased to present Iris Bernblum’s second solo show, Peaks and Valleys which investigates notions of desire, wildness, and wonderment. Through a new body of works, Bernblum moves under, over and in between the idea of conquering the wild, setting a tone that is both ambiguous and magic. Delicacy and grace function as a warm invitation to explore newly domesticated flora and fauna. The vision of wildness is tamed and transformed into a seductive atmosphere of release. Bernblum explores her surroundings with all the humanness that she could bring to it, making space for the mess, and creating a place to breathe.
Bernblum is a graduate of Columbia University and the School of the Art Institute. Previous shows include: Artist’s Space and The Elizabeth Foundation in New York, The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, and The Brooklyn International Film Festival, Terrain Chicago and Denmark, Chicago Artists Coalition, among others.

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