Apr 28th 2017

i define\self documents a young woman ascending through heartbreak and destruction in order to find herself in this world of ours. Gillett digs into the depths of emotion on the self exploration of a millennial woman traversing professional and emotional terrains. Throughout the exhibition, Gillett uses a variety of mediums to convey her message. Formally trained as a graphic designer, typography is used in a floor mounted quote to guide viewers as well as a screen printed sweater. New to her practice is a foray into photography with a series of self portraits conveying the heartbreak and emotional turmoil that follows a relationship gone wrong. Everything is wrapped up with a duo of video works that mix the present, past, and brighter future.

Tessa Gillett is a Chicago based actress, creative director, and cofounder of Number 2 Studio, a hybrid creative studio. Gillett studied at Illinois State University where she obtained her degree in Arts Technology. Gillett describes the exhibit as “a personal narrative – an intersection between womanhood and identity.” “This exhibit is an emotional journey rooted from a few dark places and follows a quest for salvation through the self.” Gillett explains.

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