Apr 15th 2017

Poetics: A Conversation about Queer Spaces of Color


1821 W Hubbard St, Ste 207 Chicago, IL 60622

Opening Saturday, April 15th, from 6:30PM - 8:30 PM

On view through Saturday, April 15th

Featuring our March Artist-in-Residence Derrick Woods-Morrow and guests Alisa Swindell (Moderator), Ivan Lozano, Ricardo Gamboa, Christoper Audain, and Amina Ross

FROM DERRICK: In the Spring of 2016 I read Gaston Bachelard’s “The Poetics of Space”, and ever since have been both enamored and heavily influenced. Throughout its pages prose and poetry flow from beginning to end. Embodying notions of home, memories of forgotten and hidden spaces – some safe and others traumatic – and of course, allusions to the closed corridors in which physical activity had once taken place.

Although Bachelard applies most of his critique to architectural concepts, I am interested in translating this approach to my experience as a queer artist of color. Our bodies and practices are often displaced leading queer bodies to construct spaces – new homes, families and communities. I feel that the architecture of our upbringings and the ambitions of our present selves stand in opposition to our past.

I hope to engage with the public through a discussion with artists and practitioners tackling the subjects of personhood and progress. We embody different aspects of a collective artistic identity responding to an ever changing political climate. With a shared interest in examining how spaces of home, past and present, are depicted, this panel has the potential to discuss new queer identifying territories.


Sometimes the house of the future is better built, lighter and larger than all the houses of the past, so that the image of the dream house is opposed to that of the childhood home…. Maybe it is a good thing for us to keep a few dreams of a house that we shall live in later, always later, so much later, in fact, that we shall not have time to achieve it. For a house that was final, one that stood in symmetrical relation to the house we were born in, would lead to thoughts—serious, sad thoughts—and not to dreams. It is better to live in a state of impermanence than in one of finality.
— Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space

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