Apr 7th 2017

Blanc Gallery welcomes rising artist Marcelo Eli on April 7, 2017. The exhibit, entitled Earthquake, was created during 2016 when the election, Flint Michigan, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and unceasing violence against young black men created a constant sense of disruption. Marcelo has produced ten monumental pieces by stitching together untreated canvas and a variety of textiles, mixing an earth tone neutral palette with color filled symbology. Through these riotous pieces, that he dubs paleolithic contemporary, Marcelo evokes the disorienting tectonic shifts of our times. He questions whether in the aftermath of this percussive destruction we can re-focus our energies on re-building a better world.

Blanc Gallery continues its practice of presenting contemporary artists committed to their craft and social commentary. Marcelo, lives and works in Chicago’s Bridgeport community. He has shown at Heaven Gallery, Vertical Gallery, and the Hyde Park Art Center. Marcelo recently enrolled in the University of Chicago’s Visual Art Certification Program.

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