Apr 28th 2017

Bethany Retirement Community is pleased to present the Inaugural Art Exhibition featuring the work of Lucy P. Liu and Diane Ponder.

Lucy P. Liu is a  Chicago  Chinese paper cutting artist. This unique art is practiced  with only hands and scissors on a single piece of paper, and called “jiǎn zhǐ ” in Chinese, which is also very appropriate to use as a public presentation performance showcase. People always enjoy watching this unique scissors-cutting-art movement on paper.

It is said that this art began when paper was  invented, at least 1800 years ago. This skill is one-of-a-kind and a vanishing art form. It has been protected by UNESCO World Intangible Heritage since 2009. Lucy’s scissor paper-cutting art is a living art since she uniquely immerses this art media into reveal the local culture and all the nature being’s life.

Lucy’s artwork has been exhibited in many galleries and libraries, as well as outdoor art shows and has received critically acclaimed reviews for her intricate style of cutting. She has creatively fused her paper cutting art with wall art, standing greeting cards, bookmark/ornaments. The most amazing creative work is children’s book illustrations, and has been published them within the Rooster Series.

She is motivated by her passion for her art form and feels very blessed to be an advocate for the paper cutting arts. Lucy is also a paper cutting art instructor. She has taught for many years, guiding students from preschoolers to senior citizens. Lucy is a member of the Guild of American Papercutters, in the United States, the world’s largest community of paper-cut artists.

Diane Ponder, an acclaimed two dimensional  artist with thirty years of shows and fairs  from Hong Kong, Europe, Middle East , and across the United States from  coast to coast including New York, to the Chicago area. Ponder’s  statement of her work  describes it as a ”A curve of sound waves, perhaps music, or particles, like paper or pigment, that represents a form in space. Repetition creates form and vibration and color. Pasting repeated images, collage and other placement experiments not knowing learning from the strategy.”

This exhibition will kick-off a celebration of 127 years of service to the community providing rental living for 55+ adults in the Andersonville-Ravenswood neighborhood with all meals, free parking, and many other amenities. For questions about the exhibition or the community, please contact amurray@bthanymethodist.org. Submissions for future quarterly installations, performing arts for a “Saturday Salon Series”, also welcomed.

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